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Shepherd’s Hut

Do you fancy a new experience? Would you like to escape the pressures of modern life and spend a night or two in quiet isolation, closer to nature and wake up totally relaxed to the sound of bird calls? Many people have had this experience and it certainly appeals to anyone wanting some space and quiet reflection.

Many years ago a shepherd’s hut would be towed up onto the fells around lambing time to enable the shepherd to be near his flock and to assist with lambing. The hut would be simply furnished with a seat and simple bed and often a wood burning stove for heat and rudimentary cooking. Lambs who were rejected by their mothers or orphaned would be brought into the hut for bottle feeding and care.

In recent times shepherd’s huts have become more up-market and have developed into a feature in there own right as garden retreats and places to write and paint or just chill out. They can be used as an office space and give a relaxing comfortable environment in which to work or think uninterrupted. Outside is a seating and barbecue area which provides a true sense of outdoor living for those fine evenings. Also the garden provides a true dark area for observing the night sky.


                            Comment from a local author: “I wish I had a place like this in my garden.”